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How's My Driving?

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XOA: info dump

 Info here.


A government lapdog.

How completely unnecessary.

In which:

  + Zebra-Claire demands Elle's files, and suggests they contact Mohinder about his cure, so that they can strip dangerous people with powers of their abilities.  She also insists on becoming an agent and Angela says she'll look for a partner for her.
  + Dolphin-Claire is surprised Angela hasn't assassinated him yet.
  + Angela speaks to Sylar about being an agent and why he's so close to Peter.
  + Noah and Angela are prepared to do what they have to do.
  + Angela meets Sam.
  + Peter is surprised the government's involved at all.
  + Nathan's frustrated that this means he's going to have to hide even within the Company.
  + Angela gets all suspicious when she meets a Peter lookalike


Angela and Nathan discuss Sylar... and his relationship to Peter.  She promises to talk to Peter.


Angela discusses the prerequisite psych screening with Elle, if she wishes to join the Company again.

She calls Noah to discuss re-opening the Company.  They both agree Claire can't be in charge of it, and begrudgingly admit that the only option she'd really trust is Peter.

Nathan tells her how his talk with Chloe-Claire went, and she shares the idea of asking Peter in her place.  Nathan's against it, but admits options are limited.

Elle > blueshocks