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Angela Petrelli
13 January
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| Angela Petrelli | the final founder

Canon: Heroes

Angela runs the newly reformed Company, along with her sons Nathan (theonetheyneed) and Peter (gota2ndchance), and Noah Bennet (im_exhibita). She's busy trying to keep the government from overrunning operations, now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted off from the Company, but as things get darker, it's becoming apparent that running the Company without resorting to layers of deception is one dream that won't be coming true for anyone.

You can find the entire Company Roster here.
| Six Word Stories | The Bennet Crew

Timeline: Current, "Brave New World" era.

This information applies specifically to Angela at sixwordstories and anywhere denoted as thebennetcrew verse. This verse is heavily crossed over with Supernatural. She's open to RP with multiple versions of the same characters. I'm open to gaming with anybody, from any canon.
| Disclaimer and credits |

This character is currently active in the RP sixwordstories and thebennetcrew.

Disclaimer: I am not Cristine Rose, Angela Petrelli, or anyone affiliated with Heroes. No profit made here. RP purposes only.

This journal contains spoilers for the current season and episodes of Heroes. If you don't want to spoiled, stay away.

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